Step into a vibrant exploration of Vietnam’s cultural richness through the creative lens of children in our “Vietnam Through Young Eyes” gallery. This digital space serves as a captivating bridge between generations, showcasing the vivid interpretations of traditions, festivals, and daily life by talented young artists. Each brushstroke and burst of color unveils a unique story, fostering a deeper connection to the heart of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. Join us in celebrating the innocence, insight, and cultural exchange captured in every frame, offering a fresh perspective on this Southeast Asian gem. Explore the gallery, where the spirit of Vietnam comes alive through the eyes of its spirited youth.

Our projects


B&P - Art For Children

Explore Vietnam’s first B&P Kids Art Gallery, a nonprofit space designed for children’s artistic expression. Featuring specially crafted artworks and free workshops with talented artists, we’re dedicated to fostering creativity in young Vietnamese minds. Join us in unleashing the boundless imagination of children at B&P.


Present and Promote

VNCE empowers young artists in Central Vietnam, offering opportunities for them to create and display their work in our studio. We actively promote their talents globally, bridging the gap for their creativity to shine on an international scale. Join VNCE in supporting and showcasing the vibrant artistry of Central Vietnam.


Exchange programs

In partnership with international organizations and art supporters, VNCE facilitates artistic, educational, and cultural exchange programs within and beyond Vietnam. Join us in building global connections and fostering a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese art and culture.


Art Lending Programs

Empowering children to explore art, our initiative allows them to rent short-term art pieces and craft them in their own space. Bridging the gap for those without the means to buy artwork, we aim to make creativity accessible to every child.


Circle stories

Discover the enchanting concept of stories coming full circle, where the tale begins and ends at the same point. B&P – Art for Kids, in collaboration with Hộp Háo Hức, brings these circular narratives to Vietnamese children. Contact Hộp Háo Hức now to purchase these captivating storybooks for the young minds.

Vietnamese through cooking

Explore Vietnamese language and culture through our new book series, ‘Learning Vietnamese Through Cooking.’ Immerse yourself in language lessons paired with delightful recipes, turning language acquisition into a flavorful adventure. Make learning a joyous experience that tantalizes both the mind and the taste buds.

Chia sẻ của các đối tác

Jolanda Tromp - Giảng viên trường Đại học Duy Tân

VNCE orchestrated an incredibly enriching trip for my students from the United States. Oanh, the gallery manager of B&P Kids Art, facilitated a full-day visit to the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA) in Da Nang. Here, my students volunteered to assist children at an orphanage, creating a heartwarming interactive experience for all. Oanh invited a Dutch artist and local artists for a unique chocolate painting event, surprising and captivating everyone. The interaction between the two student groups was joyful, expanding their hearts and minds through shared artistic activities. My students purchased charming handmade souvenirs crafted by VAVA’s children. VNCE curated an unexpectedly educational and enjoyable experience for my students, evident in the local students’ smiles. The colorful and delicious chocolate art was a delightful highlight, making the event a unique and professionally organized occasion. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity, and both myself and my students thank VNCE and the artists for everything.

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