Building and fostering a friendly artistic environment in Central Vietnam


Vietnam Cultural Exchange

Established in 2018 in Da Nang, Vietnam, we focus on promoting and exchanging culture, art, and education for young artists born or residing in Central Vietnam. The “B&P – Art for Kids” gallery is an integral part of Vietnam Cultural Exchange. Our mission is to introduce Vietnamese art to other countries and showcase artworks where art enthusiasts can have the opportunity to see pieces created in different locations.

Living with art is challenging for Vietnamese artists, as it is for Western artists. Especially for those in their early stages, we have learned from European artists in previous centuries. For instance, “Piet Mondriaan” had to copy museum artworks and paint many flowers to earn income. Similarly, art students in art schools often start by reproducing famous paintings or unnamed works to generate income. In Vietnam, many artists also seek similar sources of income to make a living because introducing unknown artists in galleries is risky.

Our mission

We are here

Benefits of Partnering with VNCE:

  • Showcase Your Art in Our Space: Partnering with VNCE allows you to utilize our space to exhibit your artwork, providing a platform for exposure and appreciation.
  • Connect with International Galleries or Artists: VNCE facilitates connections with international galleries or artists, expanding your network and fostering collaborations within the global art community. Explore new opportunities and reach a broader audience through our partnerships;

Share your ideas and thoughts with us, and together, let’s turn them into reality. Creativity and collaboration are the keys to unlocking doors for fantastic ideas. Let’s create something special and meaningful together!

At B&P – Art For Children, often organized by foreigners, they are dynamic artists who love experimentation and embrace new techniques. Their inspiration comes from witnessing the excitement of children engaging with artworks. Moreover, in reality, this combination of activities significantly aids many artists in generating income through their artistic endeavors.


— Mission

Building and Cultivating a Friendly Art Environment in Central Vietnam for Sustainable Growth.


— Vission

As Cultural Exchange Vietnam doesn’t seek exclusive rights, its primary goal is to expand into new markets and enhance existing ones. The company collaborates with various European companies and organizations. Vietnam holds a strong reputation in Europe, and European artists are eager to collaborate. In the future, expect artworks from artists residing in the United States, China, and other countries to be featured in our projects.


- "We are here to support Vietnamese artists."


Lê Oanh

Founder & Director - After several years of living and working with children in Hanoi, she decided to return to Da Nang (her hometown) to establish the company Cultural Exchange Vietnam (VNCE). A significant initiative she leads is the nonprofit children's art space - "B&P - Art for Kids." Bringing art into children's spaces and exploring the world of art for kids. Upon completing the "Communication & Arts" program in New York in 2019-2020, she interned at the Westchester Art Gallery in White Plains to gain additional experience.

Roby Bellemans

Supervisor - Growing up in an artistic family, he may not be an artist himself, but he seamlessly transitioned into supervision and organization of exhibitions and projects in the realms of art, culture, and education. Active in Vietnam since retirement, he lectures on UNESCO's education projects for the Vietnam Museum organization. He also served as the first Director of the Thanh Ha Pottery Park in Hoi An. To learn more about his activities in Vietnam, please visit here

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