Art Lending Program

Local chidlren attended our activities at B&P – Art For Children gallery
There is a lot of art made and there is also a lot of interest in buying art, sadly there are a few essential problems. When we buy a TV or a computer we find on the internet a lot of information so we know what we buy. Art is very individual and original, buying an artwork is an investment. Art lovers wants to invest but they need time to become familiar with the art works.
Galleries, exhibitions and Art Fairs are important places to come in contact with art. But a lot of art needs more time to become acquainted with. Thanks to the Art Lending Program this can at your own place.
Art lending means also that you do not have to buy the work. On first sight it might be exact what you were looking for, but at home might the relation with all the other things be not what you had in mind.

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