Simone Stawicki


The Dutch artist Simone Stawicki works and lives in the Netherlands. She is an award winning artist.
Stawicki’s work is mainly on canvas, but also include mixed media and monotypes. She prefers working with acrylic paint and oil paint and works in a direct way through which she creates a language that can evoke emotions. This way of working creates a sensitive handwriting in which creating harmony through contrast is important. Simone Stawicki’s work is colourful with prominent black and white.
Her work fascinates through the subtle use of opposites. Using black and white, erratic and firm lines, colours and tones, she searches for harmony and beauty of emotion.
Art is thinking about God, man and society. She tries to convey this in her work, for it is communication from one heart to the other; communication in the most direct way.
Art is vision. – Simone Stawicki

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