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Xuân Hạ (Da Nang, Vietnam), is a visual and multimedia artist. She has been an active practitioner in the local art community since the end of 2015, when she co-founded the art collective Chaosdowntown Cháo in Saigon. Since September 2019, she lives and works in Da Nang and co-founded a sông club in the hope of learning and understanding more about her homeland.

In her recent practice, Xuân Hạ reflects on questions around the direct and indirect impact of urbanization and industrialization on Millennial behavior, especially in Vietnam. Through various forms of experimenting with space, using fragments of daily material and manipulating moving images, she presents non-realistic scenarios by using loosely coupled pieces that tend to resist each other and allowing them to gradually give shape to a narrative. Her works are a set of documentation born out of an opposition between herself and the dizzying changes of her surrounding environment. Her practice is also a small and ordinary effort to make meaning according to personal perceptions.

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