Gratitude to all for your LOVE and SUPPORT!

These are the heroes with a passionate commitment to community contribution.



Leading writer and supervisor at VNCE, he connects VNCE with European organizations and galleries. He actively contributes experience-sharing videos and research on the VNCE Youtube channel.


— Weijst van der Joke

Joke is a Dutch artist currently retired in the Netherlands. Despite retirement, she continues to create art, contributing her works to B&P – Art for Kids, supporting the ‘Bring Art Home!’ program for children in Vietnam.


— Sabina Palmira

She debuted her first art exhibition to the art world at the VNCE studio during the opening day in Da Nang, Vietnam. Collaborating with B&P – Art for Kids, Palmira organized a free workshop for local children surrounding the exhibition space. Since returning home, she continues to develop and refine her techniques. Additionally, Palmira is the creative mind behind the VNCE logo.


— Stawicki Simone

Simone Stawicki – A Dutch artist residing and working in the Netherlands. She contributes several artworks to the ‘Connection Exhibition’ as part of the cultural exchange program between Vietnamese and international artists

Xuân Hạ

— Xuân Hạ

As a Vietnamese artist, she joined VNCE as an artist-in-residence in early 2021. VNCE introduced her to Les Barbares d’Esprit for an art exchange exhibition in Vietnam and the Netherlands in 2022.

Bùi Tĩnh

— Bùi Tĩnh

As a freelance artist based in Quang Nam, Da Nang, he actively participates in various VNCE projects, illustrating the book Da Nang & Hoi An about their street names” and showcasing his works at the Dutch Art Fair in 2022. ”

Bùi Tiên

— Bùi Tiên

As a freelance artist based in Quang Nam, Da Nang, Bui Tien is one of the representatives from the Central region participating in the exhibition of artworks at the Dutch Art Fair in 2022.

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